Border Patrol Arrests Smugglers With Substance That Could Wipe Out 328 Million Americans

That’s every single American – Democrats can’t deny the border needs a wall after they find out about this.

 Last month, President Trump addressed the nation. He said clearly that we faced a humanitarian crisis on our border.

Criminals try to sneak over our border. With them, they bring death and devastation.

 Democrats continue to deny this.

Well, they’ll have a hard time denying this staggering sting – the biggest one ever!

From NBC News:

 The sensitive nose of a drug-sniffing dog has led to what federal officials say is the largest seizure in U.S. history of fentanyl, the synthetic opioid blamed for the majority of overdose deaths.

Customs and Border Protection officers said Thursday they discovered 254 pounds of the drug hidden in a floor compartment of a truck loaded with cucumbers. They also found 395 pounds of methamphetamine.

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The amount of drugs captured calculated to be worth over $4 million dollars.

And only 1/2 mg is enough to end someone’s life. 254 pounds is enough to destroy 460 million people, even more than the entire American population.

 This seizure is twice the size of the previous record from 2017. What does that tell you?

Drug trafficking is only getting worse. The problem isn’t going away. Drug runners are getting more bold, more aggressive, and more diligent.

They will not stop.

 Think about it. This is what they were able to find. How much more gets past our agents on a daily basis?

These are hard-working patriots. But they can’t be everywhere. Drug runners use our open border to sneak in this poison.

These are the very drugs that have been killing countless Americans. The same opioids that have created an epidemic.

 And Democrats make the problem worse by refusing to secure our border.

The left claims Trump is racist for trying to secure the border. That he only wants to stop Mexicans from entering the United States.

We’ve always known that was a lie. Democrats deliberately ignore the fact that poison is being smuggled into our country.

 These drugs end up on our streets. Families are in danger. But they don’t care.

We need more than a wall. We need comprehensive security to make sure these drug runners are defeated, once and for all.

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Source: NBC News

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